Heat by Nicolina Martin (Russo Saga #1)

Anything can happen during the hot nights in the Dominican Republic. SydneyI just wanted a tan and to sip drinks with little umbrellas in them. I didn’t know that vacation would mean sleeping with a hot stranger, being drugged, and nearly killed. My instincts tell me there’s more to the smooth facade of Nathan Russo,… Continue reading Heat by Nicolina Martin (Russo Saga #1)

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Music Inspired by Fantasy Books

image by Svetlana Alyuk on Fantasy literature has inspired plenty of music, and even though my own knowledge of it is mostly limited to the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter music, I'm still making a post to share a few of my favorites. I love Tom Bombadil. He's so strange and so fun to read… Continue reading Music Inspired by Fantasy Books

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Trick by Natalia Jaster (Foolish Kingdoms #1)

In the Kingdom of Spring, Poet is renowned. He's young and pretty, a lover of men and women. He performs for the court, kisses like a scoundrel, and mocks with a silver tongue.Yet allow him this: It's only the most cunning and manipulative soul who can play the fool.For beyond the castle walls, Poet guards… Continue reading Trick by Natalia Jaster (Foolish Kingdoms #1)

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The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along Week 2

It's week 2 of The Bone Shard Daughter read-along and I'm going to answer some questions that Imyril @ One More has prepared! But first, I have decided what my One Book One Idea challenge will be for this book, even though I'm only halfway through. For Lin and Bayan meditation is very important, so… Continue reading The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along Week 2

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Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo (with spoilers!)

The Demon King. As Fjerda's massive army prepares to invade, Nikolai Lantsov will summon every bit of his ingenuity and charm—and even the monster within—to win this fight. But a dark threat looms that cannot be defeated by a young king's gift for the impossible.The Stormwitch. Zoya Nazyalensky has lost too much to war. She… Continue reading Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo (with spoilers!)