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Wyrd and Wonder Sign Up Post

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Wyrd & Wonder is “an annual geek-out over all things fantasy”. It’s hosted by Lisa, Jorie and Imyril. I saw a sign up post on Thoughts Stained With Ink and decided that I have to participate. I was planning on reading a couple of fantasy books in May anyways so why not make it the theme for the month?

My plans (that I’m totally gonna stick to!)

  • read at least 7 fantasy books
  • participate in The Bone Shard Daughter read-along
  • participate in the Book Bingo
  • do every challenge prompt
  • do a fantasy themed Bookish Memory Check
  • review every book I read in May
  • rewatch LOTR the extended edition (ok, this one I’m definitely doing)
  • watch some fantasy movies that are new to me
  • listen to music that’s inspired by fantasy books
  • check what other participants are doing!

Can you tell that I love making plans and to do lists? I always get so excited and optimistic when I write them. If I actually do all of this I’m probably going to have multiple posts on some days which would be quite an achievement for me – I’m not usually a very active blogger.

Reading list:

I’m currently rereading Six of Crows and I’ll probably finish it tonight so the next book on my list is Crooked Kingdom. After that I’m sticking to the Grisha theme and reading Rule of Wolves. I’ll also participate in the The Bone Shard Daughter read-along. And then who knows? Maybe I’ll finally read The Poppy War, that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile but I always feel like I’m not emotionally ready. Or I’ll finally finish the Nightrunner series, though I haven’t read them in years so I should read the series again from the start. Maybe I’ll go to the library and get a random fantasy book – judge it by its cover and see how that turns out. Or I’ll see what everyone else is reading and get some new ideas. So many possibilities!

20 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder Sign Up Post”

  1. Plans are good, doing something completely off-plan is also good (I would say that, I’m Lil Miss They’re More Like Guidelines Anyway) 🙂 Welcome to the party – I’ve just finished reading The Dragon Republic and oh my poor heart, this series is excellent and also A Lot so definitely a vote for tackling it when you’re ready to handle the ruthless onslaught.

    I hadn’t come across the Bookish Memory Check before – I love this! I might have to borrow it later in the month… 😀

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    1. I think I’m definitely starting The Poppy War this month – I’m too curious to wait any longer 🙂
      Feel free to borrow Bookish Memory Check anytime, doing it is a lot of fun even when the results aren’t the best!

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  2. Hallo, Hallo Tanja,

    Welcome, Welcome to the community of Wyrd and Wonder!! We’re thrilled to bits you’ve joined us as our community is constantly expanding every year! 🙂 I’m like you – I LOVE planning things out and sometimes my ambition gets the better of me OR something derails my plans so this year rather than posting an extensively long ‘road map of #JorieReads’ this year, I posted a more simplistic teaser of *some!* of the Fantasy novels I’m reading this year on my Year 4 Intro! You can expect wayy more stories being featured throughout the month — plus, I’m dipping my toes into Imyril’s Book Bingo as I’m mad for those cards!! Eek. Talk about being overly giddy!

    And, of course, the prompt challenge I have fun with in different ways… snuck into update posts, stand-alone book tags, book photos on #booktwt and anything else I can think of!! The best bit is we all get to do whatever we please and what gives us the most fantastical JOY this month. Rock it out and find the fantastic along the way!!

    PS: This is the first year I could join the group RAL and I’m so wicked HAPPY about that, too! And, yes, I’ll stalking your blog — your post schedule sounds AWESOME!!!

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    1. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event! It really inspires me to read more and blog more. And yes, planning is always fun – hopefully I’ll stick to something 😀 I planned a tbr list but I already know it’s gonna change, it seems we’re all like that!
      Can’t wait to see how it all goes! Thank you for stopping by and good luck with everything 😀

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      1. Ooh, this is the sweetest compliment for us!! We’re so happy to know this as that is the kind of reaction we were hoping for with Wyrd And Wonder. To inspire everyone to read and to find joy in their blogs. As we all know what its like when we can’t focus on reading or where blogging isn’t something we’re in the mood for — we all hit those rough spots. May you have a wonderful week!

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  3. Great plans! I tend to get excited more about planning the plans than doing what I’ve planned (Which is maaaaybe too much this month, whoops) but it’s still good fun and I’ll try to not beat myself up if I don’t make it!

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    1. Yes, you should do the LOTR rewatch 😀 I haven’t really planned which book will fit which prompt for the bingo, so maybe I won’t get it at all, but who cares, it’s still fun.
      Thanks and happy reading to you as well!


  4. Hi Tanja! I recently came across your blog via Twitter. We are both participating in Wyrd & Wonder 🙂 (I realized I already commented on one of your posts – I thought I was on a different blog haha). Your plans sound like a lot of fun. Especially the LotR rewatch. I have been doing that over the past few months. Hope your month is going well so far!

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