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One Book, One Idea Challenge

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I’ve had this idea for a while but I kept putting it off and forgetting about it because you know how sometimes an idea can seem good one day and stupid the next? But the last couple of days have been a bit tough for my mental health and usually what helps is to change my routine. So now I’ll try it for Wyrd and Wonder month and if I enjoy it, I’ll keep doing it. The plan is to pick one thing from each book I read, one activity, one idea, anything, and do it. I’m keeping this as broad as possible, so the activity can be as simple as making a meal that a character in the book makes, or something more complicated like moving to another country. But that one’s probably gonna wait until after the pandemic is over.

I thought about posting this at the end of the month instead of now but there’s a chance that I won’t stick to it or I’ll simply forget about it, so I’m posting it now and I’ll post an update at the end of the month to see if this works or not. If anyone finds this interesting and wants to join, feel free to do so.

I’ve only finished one book so far this month and that’s Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. Now that I think about it, it might be more difficult to pick something from a fantasy book than a contemporary one, because the lives of the characters are so different from mine – but maybe that’s a plus!

So what will I do that’s inspired by Crooked Kingdom? Maybe learn to walk on the wire? Throw knives? Well, I’m scared of heights and don’t have a proper target for the knives, so not yet. A more realistic idea is to learn to do slight of hand tricks. I won’t make the challenge any more specific than that because, as of this writing, I don’t actually know anything about sleight of hand tricks. All I did so far is a Youtube search to check if there are tutorials for beginners. So as long as I learn one simple trick, I’ll consider the challenge completed and I’ll be happy and move on to the next book. Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “One Book, One Idea Challenge”

  1. That’s a really cool idea. I’m tempted to do it with the current book I’m reading but when summoning demons and moping are about the most wholesome things in it…

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  2. This is such a cool idea – although I can see how fantasy can set a difficult template to follow! My current reads are full of single-minded troublemakers who suggest I could: overthrow a repressive government (erm), learn black magic (ah), steal essential goods to create economic instability (yeees)… I think my best bet is to get myself invited to an awkward dinner. I feel like that wouldn’t be a stretch πŸ™‚

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