Wyrd & Wonder

The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along Week 1

I kinda forgot to post this earlier, but I’ll try to be more on time for week 2. This read-along is part of the Wyrd and Wonder month and it’s hosted by Imyril @ One More and the questions are by Beth @ Fantasy Hive. Spoiler warning for the first 11 chapters.

1) Welcome to Stewart’s glorious world! What are your initial impressions?

With so many different POV characters, my impressions are all over the place, but overall very positive! I don’t have a very clear idea of what the world is like yet, but that makes sense, we’re only 11 chapters in. But everything about it is interesting – the sinking islands and the magic system, the creepy constructs and the rebels, the romance between Phalue and Ranami (two people who are opposite in so many ways – I’m always into that).

2) What do you make of the magic system and the world-building?

The magic system is super interesting – the fact that shards are connected to the people they’re taken from is actually my favorite part of it, because it makes everything about the system so much more important and dangerous. What if there’s another war where an army of constructs is used to protect the people, but using the constructs kills people, so is that worth it? I want to know more about the Shardless Few – how many of them are there? What exactly is their plan?

3) Is there a character you’re particularly drawn to so far?

I think I’m drawn to Lin slightly more than others, but I’m enjoying getting to know all of them.

4) What do you make of Lin’s motivations? How much do you think she’s driven by a desire to save her Empire – or are her motivations more selfish?

I think that right now her focus is on learning the magic so she can inherit the empire but she’s aware of how the shards affect people and she has shown some compassion for Numeen – so who knows how her development will work. I feel like she’s going to eventually turn against the bone shard magic, maybe after properly learning it? Or maybe she’ll embrace it completely, with the excuse that it protects the empire. I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out. (Also, am I imagining things or are there hints at something between Lin and Bayan? Or am I inventing romantic subtext where there’s none? Again?)

5) Jovis tends to tell lies when faced with truths he doesn’t want to face. As a first person narrator, how reliable do you feel this makes him?

I mean, I do that too. Isn’t that normal? No? Oh well.
Just kidding. I like Jovis and I find him pretty reliable but I have been fooled before.

6) MEPHI 😍 Any guesses / wild theories about Jovis’s new furry friend?

Oh that cutie. I’m assuming he’ll turn out to be very important in the future.

13 thoughts on “The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along Week 1”

  1. Your thoughts about what would happen if there was a war and the constructs protected the people but I’m doing so drained them is really interesting! I hadn’t thought of it before at all!

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  2. Glad you’re enjoying it so far – me too! I’m with you in sniffing the promise or threat of romance (or romantic complications) where Bayan is concerned. But gosh I think ‘it’s complicated’ would be a huge understatement – their circumstances / rivalry make Phalue/Ranami look straightforward 😉

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    1. So I’m not the only one who sees it! I really hope there’s something there, because rivals to lovers and complicated romances are something I enjoy a lot 😀

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