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The Bone Shard Daughter Read-along Week 2

It’s week 2 of The Bone Shard Daughter read-along and I’m going to answer some questions that Imyril @ One More has prepared!

But first, I have decided what my One Book One Idea challenge will be for this book, even though I’m only halfway through. For Lin and Bayan meditation is very important, so I’m going to make meditation part of my life until the end of the month. The idea is to meditate at least once a day – hopefully it will help my mental health. Now, question time!

Jovis has begun to show strange new strengths since escaping Deerhead Island. What do you think is going on?

Maybe he started showing new strengths since meeting Memphi? I feel like Memphi has a lot of influence that we don’t yet know about. Jovis is not used to his new strength yet, but he’ll probably get even stronger and become even more famous. He’s now a reluctant hero, I wonder if that will change? Will he stop saying I only helped because they paid me?

What is your understanding of witstone, and the strange effect it has on Mephi?

I don’t have any specific theories, but I think it’s one more reason to believe Memphi is going to become even more important to the story. Something about who Memphi really is and where he comes from, and where are others of his kind, is somehow going to be connected the effects of witstone and to the main conflicts of the book. Memphi definitely has more abilities than we know about so far.

Lin attends two rather different – and rather awkward – family dinners. Why do you think her father invited her to eat with him? What do you make of Bayan now?

I think her father just wanted to test her, which is what he generally does anyways. I think she surprised him and she certainly surprised Bayan when she helped him out. Her father obviously wants Lin and Bayan to be rivals and it has worked so far, they both have reasons to distrust each other, but I feel like they’re both starting to doubt that even though the situation they’re in makes it difficult to truly trust anyone. Also, I’m very happy to say that my suspicions about Lin and Bayan are confirmed now, at least from Lin’s perspective, there’s definitely something there and I can’t wait to see how it develops.
Speaking of Lin, she needs to stop using Numeen. The guy deserves better and if meeting his family doesn’t make her rethink some of her choices and beliefs, than what will? Her chapters are still my favorites – I’m very curious about her development and how she’ll deal with learning the bone shard magic.

What do you make of the rebel plan and the deal they offer Jovis? Do you trust them to deliver what they’ve promised? How do you think Phalue will react to their plan?

They’re probably lying that they know where the ship is going. The Shardless Few will use anything they can, after all they’re the good guys, and the ends justify the means, right? I kinda get their perspective because they have lived so long in fear, but I don’t want anyone to use Jovis, his hope breaks my heart.
I’ve no idea how Phalue will react, I liked the idea of her relationship with Ranami, but more and more Phalue seems like a weaker character and her chapters are right now my least favorite.

I wanted to read this book very slowly, so the chapters are fresh in my mind when I answer the questions, but the book is too good. Oh, the problems I have.

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