50 Fiction Subgenres Challenge

I like to say I read a bit of everything, but there are still genres and subgenres that I read a lot more than others, so I’ve decided to give a chance to those that I read rarely or never. I’m not going to pick a due date for this challenge because if I do, I will fail, this is just me keeping a list of subgenres that I want to try. I’ll also create a new page for this challenge and update it as I read more books. Subgenres are picked from wikipedia’s list. Some of those I’d never heard of before, so this should be an interesting experiment.

  1. Surreal comedy
  2. Science fiction comedy
  3. Tragicomedy
  4. Epic poetry
  5. Fairy tale
  6. Myth
  7. Alternate history
  8. Nautical fiction
  9. Metafiction
  10. Paranoid
  11. Philosophical fiction
  12. Pop culture fiction
  13. Satire
  14. Social sci-fi
  15. Political thriller
  16. Technothriller
  17. Psychological thriller
  18. Legal thriller
  19. Space western
  20. Western romance
  21. Lost world
  22. Sword and sorcery
  23. Wuxia
  24. Robinsonade
  25. Spy fiction
  26. Subterranean
  27. Picaresque
  28. Caper
  29. Cozy mystery
  30. Gong’an
  31. Girl detective
  32. Hardboiled
  33. Noir
  34. Bangsian fantasy
  35. Fantasy of manners
  36. Grimdark
  37. Isekai
  38. Magic realism
  39. Dying Earth
  40. Planetary romance
  41. Sword and planet
  42. Weird fiction
  43. Time travel romance
  44. Parallel world
  45. Anthropological sci-fi
  46. Mathematical fiction
  47. Nonfiction novel
  48. Prehistoric fiction
  49. Imaginary voyage
  50. Matron literature

2 thoughts on “50 Fiction Subgenres Challenge”

  1. This is an awesome challenge! I haven’t heard of a lot of these genres. It sounds like a great way to branch out and try things you normally wouldn’t. Good luck!

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