SciFi Month

SciFi Month 2021!

ARTWORK by Liu Zishan from

I almost missed it! I wasn’t very active lately but luckily yesterday I noticed that everyone was posting SciFi month TBRs and decided that I have to join.

SciFi Month is hosted by Lisa and Imyril. They also hosted Wyrd & Wonder and I loved it, so I’m sure this will be just as awesome.


  • Read 5 sci-fi books
    • one of the books has to be Dune
  • Watch 10 sci-fi movies
    • 2 of the movies have to be Dune
      • this can be ignored if I end up not liking the book
  • Participate in the read-along
  • Participate in the Book Bingo
  • do another Bookish Memory Check, this time with sci-fi theme

I’m not going to add anything else, because this might be too much and also I have non sci-fi books to read, the library is waiting for them to be returned so I’ll read them as planned. I didn’t add any series to watch because I’m currently watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I’ll just continue with that.

I look forward to all the fun this month will bring, new books to read, new blogs to follow and more ideas for my One Book One Idea challenge 😀

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