2022 Reading Plans and Hopes

Reading plans don’t always work out but they’re always fun to make. So let’s go!


Goodreads: 50 books – years ago I would do at least a 100 each year and it wasn’t an issue at all but life has changed and now 50 is a challenge – last year I didn’t get there, this year (no pressure) but I will

One book, one idea: I’m very late with this, still many things to actually do, but I blame the pandemic. I’ll continue adding ideas to the list, but I won’t force it; I don’t need to pick something from every book I read, just from the books that I love or that inspire me to try something new

50 sub-genres: no pressure with this one, I’ve only done 4 so far but that’s ok, as long as I keep making some progress

1001 books: I go through this list once in a while and mark whatever I’ve read. I might try to do it more intentionally, pick a few books and read them because they’re on the list – but no pressure, I don’t really believe I’ll ever finish this one anyways

Some books I hope to read this year:

I also hope to reread some books I loved years ago, just to check if the feelings are still there. I want to participate in more readathons, do more bookish tags, treat this blog as a reading journal and overall enjoy blogging more without putting pressure on myself. Happy reading, everyone!

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