Wyrd & Wonder

Wyrd & Wonder – Best Laid Plans

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Wyrd & Wonder is “an annual geek-out over all things fantasy”, hosted by Imyril, Lisa, Jorie, Ariana and Annemieke. It’s my second time participating, I absolutely loved it last year. I’m a bit busier this time around so I’ll try to be more realistic about my goals.

The realistic goals:

  • read 5 fantasy books
  • watch 5 fantasy movies
  • write 5 posts
  • participate in the bingo
  • participate in a read-along
  • re-read The Lord of the Rings
  • do a fantasy themed Bookish Memory Check

The optimistic goals:

  • actually get a bingo
  • participate in both read-alongs
  • write a post every day for every challenge prompt
  • watch a fantasy series
  • re-read The Silmarillion
  • write the next great fantasy novel

Yeah, that last one is definitely happening.

I don’t have concrete plans for what I’m going to read, other then LOTR. I want to read the Percy Jackson series as well before the new show starts so maybe I’ll give that a shot. Last year I read The Bone Shard Daughter for the read-along so maybe this year I’ll read The Bone Shard Emperor, it’s been waiting for a while. Other possibles are The Little Hatred, Kingdom of the Wicked, The Witcher series, a re-read of The Nightrunner series, and whatever I happen to pick up at the library. I have an urge to read a fae book… so maybe that. It’s so difficult to pick ahead because my mood can change anytime. I look forward to blog hopping and finding more books for my to-read list 😀


10 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder – Best Laid Plans”

    1. I’m definitely watching Labyrinth because it’s a classic and I’ve never seen it, everything else is undecided. Maybe one of the King Kong movies, I’ve never seen any and I’m curious but the horror element is something I usually avoid. It really all depends on what mood I’ll be in 😀

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  1. Welcome to the party! It’s also my second year and I’m so excited for it all again!! I have some aspirations of doing some creative writing as part of Wyrd & Wonder but we shall see how much time I actually have!

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  2. I was just thinking of re- reading The Lord of the Rings too! Good luck with these! I think Wyrd & Wonder is a great excuse to revisit Middle- earth and of course all the fantasy in general! 🙂


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