Wyrd & Wonder

Wyrd & Wonder: Best Laid Plans

Artist: Tithi Luadthong

I just signed up for Wyrd & Wonder a minute ago! I was away from blogging for a couple of months but today I saw a tweet about Wyrd & Wonder and thought it might be a good reason to go back.

I participated the last two years as well but the last year I gave up really quickly because life got in the way. That’s very likely to happen again because I’m pretty busy this month so I’ll keep my goals more realistic this year:

  • read 3 fantasy books
  • do a fantasy themed Bookish Memory Check
  • check out other blogs and get reading inspiration

That’s it. Anything else is gonna be a nice plus. The three books I can manage, the Bookish Memory Check is an easy (but also frustrating) post to write and reading other blogs always inspires me. This year I’m way behind on my Goodreads challenge so I need inspiration.
One of the books I read will be by Brandon Sanderson because I’ve never read any of his books but I’ve read that horrible Wired article and now I want to read something he wrote.
Maybe I’ll also participate in Howl’s Moving Castle read-along, I’m curious about that book.
Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder: Best Laid Plans”

  1. Welcome welcome! Glad you’re joining us, and lowkey plans are the perfect way to go! I hope you manage to enjoy feeling part of it, and that your book choices treat you well!

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